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The Beatles All My Loving

A Challenge

The Beatles All My Loving.

Most of the strumming lessons that have been included so far have been relatively easy, so to throw something more challenging into the mix, the verse to All My Loving serves up both fast chord changes and a busy strumming pattern that will challenge your timing and wrist flexibility and strength.


As well as learning George Harrison’s part, you can also learn to play the chords in a much simpler way if you are playing and singing at the same time. The ability to play the more complex pattern shown here immediately gives you the ability to team up with someone else, who can perhaps play the simpler pattern and sing, with you doing all the flashy bits – and at at 160 bpm (beats per minute)

The Chords

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 15.13.09

Teaching Video

Practice Video

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