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Learning The Guitar. A Beginners Journey

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to learn the guitar. It always seemed that either I didn’t have the time or the money. I did though, have plenty of time to dream.

It wasn’t until I had graduated and moved out, that I got my hands on my first guitar. It was a Jackson blood red Randy Rhodes. An absolutely beautiful piece of machinery.

I read books, watched videos, prayed to the guitar Gods, but for some reason I could not grasp the elements of playing. Just like anyone would, I got discouraged and decided to stop trying. It did give me a greater appreciation of guitar players and their talents.

Over the years I have accumulated a few other guitars here and there. A few months ago I came across a deal from a guy at work that would allow me to trade what I had acquired, for a Epiphone, Joe Bonamassa Les Paul. This guitar is way to beautiful to not be played.


So once again I decided to learn to play. This time my wife signed me up for guitar lessons for Father’s Day.

When I first started trying to learn the guitar I couldn’t find any articles or anything about guys like me who had a hard time learning on their own. All I could ever find was people saying ” It’s easy”.

Well it maybe for you but for some of us it is not. That was probably the main reason I quit, not because I couldn’t do it, but because no one was on my level.

I want to write this article on my journey through taking guitar lessons tailored to me and my level. I want to be able to show people out there, who are having trouble learning to play, that just because they are having a hard time, they don’t have to give up.

I want to be able to give you ideas and tips on learning chords and other things to help you to be able to learn to play. I truly hope that by me doing this I can help anyone that is having trouble. I will be posting pictures and videos along the way, to make this more visible.

I will also have an email for this so if anyone has any questions or tips that I can share with the rest of you.

So look out for the first instalment of our journey, coming soon!

By Matthew White

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