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I Want You On My Team

I want YOU on my team… Watch this video now to learn more!

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Hi Andy here,

You know, I really love playing in bands and doing gigs. But actually, I love the guitar teaching even more.

You see I get a real buzz every time I see one of my students really nailing a song, or a riff, or even just a tricky chord. To see that smile on their face and to see them experience that sense of accomplishment is amazing and really rewarding.

And I get the same great feeling even when I get a comment on the blog, or an email from one of our Academy Members.

As long as I know that I’m helping move people forward on their guitar journey, then I feel I’m achieving something good.

Now I’m sure you’ve experienced that same feeling yourself, by either showing a friend how to play something, or just sharing a little tip or technique with someone who’s struggling.

You know what it’s like yourself to hit those points where you’re hitting the wall, getting frustrated and losing motivation – and how much it means to have someone to help you overcome them.

I think we all really enjoy the opportunity to pass something along and sort of give back a little.

So even if you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned pro, I’m sure you have something to offer and share, to help other guitarist.

Which is why I want you to join my team.

And in this video I want to tell you exactly how.

Now you may have come to know me from the Guitar Coach magazine, which is just coming up to 3 years old, and has been downloaded over 130,000 times. Or you might have seen and connected with me via YouTube, Social media or be one of the 30,000 visitors we get to our Blog each month. Or you may have joined my email list, which currently has over 42,000 guitarists just like you.

However we’ve connected, I’m glad to have you as part of our Guitar Coach community.

But now I want to bring you in a little closer, because I really need your help. You see, based on all the teaching experience I’ve had so far and all the comments and feedback from our community, I felt it was time to take on something far more ambitious in terms of guitar teaching projects.

I know I can’t do it alone.

This time it needs more direct input and more collaboration to really make it work and to make it fulfil its true potential!

The project I’m talking about is my new 6-Week guitar system.

I refer to it as a system, rather than a course or program, because there are some key components to it, which will set it apart from anything currently out there.

Firstly it’s the most comprehensive and structured program I’ve undertaken, which will cover 5 volumes and a 30 week span of continuous lessons when its fully complete.

It will have supporting webinars and Q&A sessions to help guitarists at every stage. And it will have its own community of guitarists all helping each other.

But it’s more than that, because this system will continue to evolve on an ongoing basis, based on the direct feedback and needs to those going through the system.

My ambition is to make the 6-week guitar system the best experience for anyone wanting to learn to play guitar with confidence and have fun.

This system is about providing the support and motivation for players to realize their guitar playing dreams – just as I have.

So where do you come in?

Well, you have something I really need, which I’ll get to in just 1 minute.

Now as you may already know Volume 1 of the 6-Week Guitar system is already live and available totally free of charge to anyone.

Prior to the launch of Volume 1, we road tested that with almost 2,000 guitarists from our community – you may have been one of them.

We got some great feedback from this process and were able to use this to not only make some improvements to Volume 1, but also really help shape Volume 2, which is also now live within the Guitar Coach Academy.

And the plans for Volumes 3, 4 and 5 are all in place, but we’ve not been able to build these as yet.

Which is why we launched the Kickstarter fund raising campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise £4,000 which is about $5,000.

These funds will enable us to complete the other 3 Volumes of the 6-week system before the end of the year. But as part of that development process, to make sure these next 3 Volumes are as amazing as possible, I’m looking to build a team of close advisors.

I’d like you to consider joining me.

These advisors are guitarists just like yourself, who want to not only support this project but also support the thousands of guitarist who will experience the complete system when it’s finished.

You see, I firmly believe great ideas can come from anyone, from total beginners to seasoned pro’s. And in fact it’s really important to have this range of input from all different player levels to ensure this system is both comprehensive and also accessible.

So if you’ve just started playing, or been playing for decades, I want you on my team. And all you need to do to join my personal group of advisors, is to become a supporter of the 6-week guitar campaign.

Then when the campaign ends, and assuming we hit our target, I’ll be creating a new private Facebook Group which I’ll be inviting you to join.

This is where I can share everything with you and the rest of my team of supporters and advisors. We can exchange ideas and you will have special access to everything as it develops. This should be a fun and engaging process, where we can great some great ideas and develop 6 week guitar into a truly remarkable teaching system.

And once it’s complete, I want to include your name of the credits for supporting this.

Now, the thing to remember with Kickstarter campaigns, is that they are all or nothing. Which means that if we hit the fundraising target then it will all go ahead, but if we don’t hit the target, then we get nothing. So this offer I’m making to you now is conditional on us hitting that target!

You need to act now.

And as a 6 week guitar supporter, you also get full access to everything within the Guitar Coach Academy at a super low price – so even if you don’t have time to contribute your ideas, you still get full access to everything in the Academy at a massive discount!

OK so if this is a project you’d like to get involved in and you want to join my personal group of advisors and have your name on the finished product, then head over to the KickStarter page now and become one of our campaign supporters.

Find out more about my 6-Week Guitar Kickstarter Campaign here.

You can join this special group simply by making a pledge on any of the reward levels on the Kickstarter Campaign, except level 1, which is just the £1 level.

OK that’s all for today. I really appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and I know that together we’ll make the 6-week guitar system something we’re all proud of.

So head on over to the Kickstart page now and let’s get this great project moving!

Bye for now!


Andy Partridge
Guitar Coach & Instructor
Guitar Coach Magazine


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