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ZZ Top Guitar Riffs

ZZ Top Guitar Riffs

We had such an overwhelming response to our David Bowie riff videos (playing three patterns, one after the other) in the last issue, that we have decided to do the same again with some classic ZZ Top guitar riffs; but this time we’re upping the ante and including a kick drum backing track so you can execute what Andy has taught you in perfect time.


Gimme All Your Lovin

Sharp Dressed Man


Backing Beat

Three great ZZ Top intros are being used by Andy, namely, Gimme All Your Lovin’, Sharp Dressed Man and Tush. As usual our super detailed teaching videos and downloadable tabs and back beat will give you every opportunity to learn these great riffs to the maximum of your ability.

We have set the backing drum at 132bpm, which is slightly quicker than “Gimme” and “Sharp” but slower than Tush. This is to create 3 riffs that you can consistently practice, running one riff seamlessly into the other. But don’t let this stop you from jamming along with the actual ZZ Top tracks or adjusting the tempo as you practice without any beat accompaniment

Also, make sure you have each riff nailed before you try to string them all together and leave a gap between each one before you are confident of executing them all in time with Andy’s opening video.

All these tracks will help you improve your muscle memory, as you move from one riff to the other, and they are also a great warm up routine that will impress your peers.

Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.04.50


Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.05.17


Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.06.00

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