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Open E Tuning. Dave Mason

Open E Tuning – A Dave Mason Classic.

You may have already tried our videos showing you Honky Tonk Women in open G tuning as played by the legendary Keith Richards.


Acoustic Strumming

Lead Riff

Tuning your axe in different ways from the standard E A D G B E allows you to experiment with different sounds and lets you to be more creative in your approach and play distinctive melodies whilst still keeping the fingering simple. OK, the strumming may well be a tad more complex if you are trying to create something unique, but it will allow your creative juices to flow…….and one of the ways you can do this is by learning from the masters!!!!

This master is Dave Mason, who uses an open E tuning for one of his classic songs “only you know and I know.” So the song may not be iconic, but the way he uses the acoustic E tuned guitar as an introduction, followed by a classic blues lick over the top creates an amazing sound.

The guitar is tuned E B E G# B E and, if you didn’t know this, you would never work out how it is played.

Use the videos to learn both the rhythm and lead parts and jam over the backing track to create a sound that is, hopefully, different to anything else you have experienced before………unless, of course, you are more of a seasoned professional. As usual, everything is tabbed


We think you will enjoy this session.

And by the way – look up Dave Mason on YouTube
– he is a quality player.

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