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Beatbuddy. NAMM Special


NAMM always surprises you with the unexpected as you wander around with your lower jaw dragging along the floor as you marvel at the technology and constant advancements in the world of guitar and guitar accessories.

However, we actively sought out David Packouz, (Founder & CEO) and his team, as we had been following his IndieGogo (crowd funding) campaign, for which the targeted amount was raised in less than 20 hours. And when you see and hear the Beatbuddy in action, you will understand exactly why.

With guitarist Fernando Perdomo at the helm, the Beatbuddy stand was constantly busy as he demonstrated this extremely simple to use drum machine that is also much more portable than your standard one, but also give you the ability to exercise control over your playing so you can effortlessly add in in fills, accent hits, include an intro and outro and even pause and un pause the pattern, with a quick movement of your foot, in exactly the same way as you would operate a normal foot pedal.

Of course, there is scope to download the free software and create more of your own sounds and make it as complex as you wish, but we would say that it has overcome David’s problem of wanting an easy to use drum machine that is 100% portable but does not compromise on quality.

So, although we said it wasn’t unexpected, it sort of was when we heard the demo.

And a special mention must go to Fernando who played almost solidly for 4 days with both enthusiasm and aplomb – work on those callouses man!!!!

Screenshot 2015-06-12 10.05.00

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