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Minarik Guitars

If you want to see something outrageous that combines edge of your seat designs, with flamboyance and creativity, a Minarik custom guitar could well be for you.

To be fair, as soon as we saw the racks of multi-shaped, multi-dimensional, multi coloured rack of guitars, we weren’t so focused on the sound – just anxious to ensure we took as many shots as possible of these stunning looking guitars.

It seemed there were designs and shapes for everyone and with names like Fury, Inferno, Goddess, Phantom and Nite Crawler, you could sense the purpose and passion of Mark Minarik’s work.

When we talked with Mark, both before, during and after the interview, his enthusiasm and passion for his products never waned. It was all about making sure the customer’s finished article was exactly to spec, for both look, feel and playability.

There are also little idiosyncrasies that, on first glance, you would not notice. For example, the upper bouts of the “Halo” come up towards your hand. Suddenly, you find yourself saying to yourself “that’s why it looks so cool.” This feature will also give you much better access to the upper frets. Marvellous.

Sound-wise they display all the qualities of a great rock guitar, with elements of both strat and Gibson evident – and they are engineered to a very high standard, making them exceptionally comfortable to play.

Check out Minarik Guitars here: http://www.minarikguitars.com

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