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Bohemian Guitars. Made From Old Oil Cans!

Bohemian Guitars, inspired by the streets of South Africa.


Based out of Georgia, the guys at Bohemian Guitars took their inspiration from the townships of South Africa whose residents re use all sorts of materials to create various instruments, all of which are playable.

As well as looking as cool as a cool thing, these guitars create a beautiful clean, bluesy but earthy vibrancy that, combined with the wonderful aesthetic qualities, they just have to be used in a live environment, not just show-pieced in your own home.

Like any electric guitar, they have volume and tone controls, adjustable bridge and trust rods, strap buttons and single coil pickups. The necks are made of maple and the fretboard of rosewood…………and the body of a vintage oil can!!!! Which I guess is the main source attributable to its sound.

In addition to the custom Vintage Series, which retail at between $400-600, Bohemian are soon to release their ‘own label’ versions, which will be available in 3 varieties: Bohemian Moonshine, Bohemian Motor Oil and Bohemian Honey, all due to retail at just $299 – a bargain indeed, each one having a distinctive “can” design to suit your desire.

Two final worthwhile mentions: First of all, under thier ‘Far Out Fridays’ scheme, a proportion of their guitars go to children around to world to help spread the love of music, music education and music therapy. And secondly, a top effort from Brandon on the Bohemian Guitar stand who played for 8 hours a day, demoing these great axes. An excellent job well done – no wonder he was delighted for us to try them out!

Best of luck for the future guys.

See more at www.bohemianguitars .com

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