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Mobile Recording Studio. In A Guitar!

Now, although the highly technical is not necessarily our “bag”, when you see a mobile recording studio studio in a guitar, you have to be impressed. This is our layman’s view without too much techy stuff, which you can, of course view on their website.

The hand-made solid wood flamenco and Spanish guitars on the fHome stand looked impressive enough, but we soon realised that there was more to these than initially caught the eye.

 Essentially, you can use the guitar to select many pre-set rhythm to, not only practice, but assist you in writing your own songs and then record them without changing your location. You could probably sit on your couch and record your composition with ease.

 Following a quick demo, we were able to record a drum beat and rhythm guitar track with an over laid lead line (only a few bars) and created something that was instantly impressive (the actual recording….not the song)!!!!

 You can record up to 12 tracks, USB connectivity and an output pedal for external speakers.

 After messing around for just 5 minutes, we were in the zone.  With the headphones on your concentration levels are amazing as you experiment and tweak what you are recording. For us, we believe it could suit both relative beginners and guitarists who want to utilise  all the technology and make some great recordings. Above all, it was great fun!!!!

 The Classics and Flamenco guitars look and play exceptionally well and stand up on their own without the added studio.

 All is explained in more detail in the video, where the visuals enhance what you see.

We think this an accessory that should be considered at whatever level you are that. Perhaps even Bruce Springsteen will need one someday!!!!!

Check out the web site here:

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