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Stomper Beat Box from LogJam

If simplicity is what you are after i.e. with nothing tangible that will be a barrier to utilising a guitar accessory, you may want to have a look at the Logjam stomper beat box.

Essentially, when playing, instead of tapping your foot on the floor, plug in one of Logjam’s 3 stompers and tap your foot on it. It will amplify the sound of your foot and provide a backbeat to either your strumming, vocals or lead. Yes – it is that simple.

It is surprisingly effective and the sound you achieve can be varied according to what stomper you use, how hard you choose to tap your feet and what footwear you have. Doc Martin’s versus pumps for example. This means you are in total control….no programming or technical ability required and can create your own accents when you have plugged in the output socket into your amp or PA and input sockets

They have a pleasing full kick drum sound of varying , depending on the model you have.

These are:

  • The low profile Prolog, which is probable the bassiest of the lot
  • The Logarhthym Mk 3, which is engineered in such a way that you can use2 feet and
  • The Travelog which is the smallest, most portable of the three.
  • So there’s choice, simplicity and effectiveness in these little beauties whether you are own your own, around a camp fire or gigging in a bar with yer little ‘ole acoustic


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