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Play Guitar In 5 Minutes

When you keep passing a sign that claims you can play guitar in 5 minutes, you really have to investigate further as we became more sceptical and curious every time our eyes were drawn to this statement.

So, in we went like a couple of bulls in a china shop, smiling away at the welcoming effervescence and confidence of John Broermann and asked him to show us his system worked. And he did!!!!!

Evidence is what we wanted, so we grabbed a passer by called Wade Keith and asked him if he had ever played the guitar or other stringed instrument before. “No” was the response, but he would like to learn………… he kindly agreed to go through John’s routine. After all, he did have a spare 5 minutes!!!!

The idea is simple. The system uses no musical terms such as chord, and strum and replace them with the D word (for D7 in this case) and painting the strings. This way the tutor does not have to explain such terms which increases the muscle memory of the student. Similarly, the shapes of the chord – I mean word – are easily memorable and, at the end of 5 minutes or so, you will be able to play 3 chords (C, D7 and G) and be able to “play” hundreds of songs.

OK, so this will not progress you too much further, you will have little or no knowledge of terms and techniques and you will not always be playing the full chords.

However, this is not the point; the objective is to get people playing, keep the guitar-playing community growing, help people achieve something really quickly and be able to make an informed choice on whether or not to progress further and what to achieve next. Just watch Wade’s reaction at the end of the session, it really was invigorating and especially satisfying for John…..and to be fair, both of us. 

John Broermann, Mingde Musik:

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