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Shredneck. The Ultimate Guitar Practice Tool.

First of all, we must be honest, because we spotted Steve demonstrating Shredneck, we totally ignored the “mini” guitars they had on display. So we’ll come to those later.

Shredneck is one of those deceptively simple, yet impressive innovations, designed as a practice and warm up tool.

Warming up in front of an audience, or, indeed, having to practice scales, pull-offs, hammer-ons and scales, to mention a few techniques, has always been a problem, especially when you are socialising with the audience before a performance.  So the guys at Shredneck have produced some great looking models that allow you to practice all these sort of things around the home, office, before gigs and even whilst a passenger in a car.

The Shredneck gives you the first seven frets of the guitar (watch the video and you will see what we mean) and, for Andy’s first gig after NAMM, he used it at the bar before he went on stage and his words were – “unbelievable, I was totally cooking from the first number; what an incredible feeling.”

Although you do not need a strap, if you like you can use one, put it on a mini stand (looks great) and change the strings to reflect your own preference. Andy decided to put on heavier strings to make him work harder – hence the great feeling he had when he played his first number (“Rocks” by Primal Scream).

Also on the Shredneck stand were some great portable 12-24 fret model guitars that are really portable, can be taken anywhere and also gig with. And they look really superb too, but we will let you look at these in the video.

PS thanks to Steve for introducing us to guitarist Mike Orlando, who gave some impressive demos on the GHS Strings guitar stand. We’ll have an interview with Mike coming up soon!

More from Shredneck here:

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