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3.0 Guitar Basics

OK so in this section we’re going to cover some of the real basics of the guitar and guitar playing, like anatomy of the guitar, playing posture, accessories etc.

Now these are videos that you’ll probably only ever watch once, but it’s worth spending the time to go through them and also go over the accompanying notes.

Once you’ve gone through these, we can actually get on to making some music.

3.1 Anatomy Of The Guitar
3.2 Why Learn On Acoustic?
3.3 Choosing Your First Guitar
3.4 Essential Guitar Accessories
3.5 Playing Posture
3.6 Holding Your Guitar Pick
3.7 Tuning Your Guitar
3.8 Changing Your Guitar Strings
3.9 Sore Fingers

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  1. Don Potterfield says:

    To Andy you are my hero of the day.I have been playing on and off for about 2 years.I just learned to play Rocking in the Free World learned all of the song.I actually played it on video tape.My goal is to learn a riff Paint it Black then jump into Spirit of the Radio by Rush obviously two of my favorite bands of all time.I have looked at countless hours of video tapes on you tube I took a few lessons.My guitar teacher said I should start of with Rolling Stones and Beatles before jumping in and playing Rush how true is that.This is exactly what I needed to get motivated.

  2. Christophe Lengagne says:

    A word for the lefties out there?
    I am a lefty… I tried several years ago to play the guitar like a righty… well, with a regular guitar… and it was a fail… like a big fail. And I gave up.

    A couple years ago I decided to try again because I so love music and its guitar heroes.
    This time I bought a lefty guitar… and I like it.

    What I would love to see in your course is a word for the lefties. what options do we have? There are plenty of arguments to play regular guitar, but there are tons of benefits to play a lefty guitar… and of course there are challenges… like mirroring everything you see (video, chords…), but that is one thing I actually like when learning to play… the challenge!

    Anyway, some food for thought!

    Great course!

    • Dave Miller says:

      I’m with you dude the challenge will make us stronger players. But a little respect now and then would be nice

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