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3.2 Why Learn On Acoustic

So why have we decided to start teaching on an acoustic guitar?

To be fair, you can learn on either an acoustic or an electric guitar, but here are some of the reasons we believe you should start your journey on the former… assuming, of course, you actually have one!

• You will have more fun on an electric later on when you have learnt the basics
• You don’t need loads of extra gear, like amps
• Starting with an electric may start to disillusion you as you will want to play like your guitar hero from the start
• It is more mobile
• You need to learn basics and not be discouraged
• An acoustic guitar makes you work harder. It may feel like running with weights, but it will feel great when you remove those weights and pick up your first electric
• It will give you added strength
• Acoustics sound great
• You can still play loads of styles.
• Not as easily distracted by trying to perfect the sound you want.

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