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4.0 Skills Basics

4.0 Skills Basics

In this section we’re getting into your essential guitar skills. Now whilst we’re not going to be playing songs in this section, the lessons and exercises are really important for you to work through, as these are the foundations you’ll be building your guitar playing journey on.

In particular you should make sure you get your fretting and picking accurate, so these are exercises you’ll definitely want to come back to again and again. They also they should be part of your practice routines, at least for the first 3-4 weeks to make sure you’re getting into the right habits.

4.1  Guitar Tablature

4.2  Song Structures

4.3  Timing

4.4  Working With Backing Tracks

4.5  Picking Open Strings

4.6  String Skipping

4.7  Fretting

4.8  Fretting Exercises; Part 1

4.9  Fretting Exercises; Part 2


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