4.1 Guitar Tablature

Andy | August 24, 2015 | 17 Comments

Guitar Tablature, guitar Tab or just Tab, is a simple way for guitarists to “read” music.

It has virtually no theory to it, hence its simplicity but, on the other hand does not have the complexities of a music stave which shows you all the length of the notes, how to play them, the expression you should use, subtle changes in time and many other things.

This what a stave looks like and you need to be able to read music and understand a fair amount of theory to utilize it. Naturally, this will take time.

What a tab does, however, is just show you the notes you need to hit in order to play a particular guitar part. There is some software available that also lets you hear the music and will, if created properly, play the piece in time, employing different techniques (such as sliding from one note to another). Guitar Pro is an excellent example of this. We will deal with reading more advanced tabs at a later stage – for now, we will show you how it works.

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  1. William Travers says:

    where is the tab & exercises.

  2. Paul Hussey says:

    Like guns n roses said where do we go now.There is no tab or you say that you have tabbed out all the previous exercises and to go back over the exercises using the tablature er

  3. John Baillie says:

    I don’t see any Tab lessons at all am I missing something

  4. robert montgomery says:

    4.1 Guitar tablature.On the video for this it says.This video has been removed by the User.This is my first time trying to use this video.

  5. Ronnie Holderfield says:

    Andy, I have the same problem as the other commentors have. There should definitely be some kind of tablature and staves that the students can see. If I were a beginner I would have to see it to be able to understand what you are talking about.

  6. Gary Stout says:

    4.1 Guitar Tablature: “This what a stave looks….” Should this be “This is what a stave looks like.” Also, there is no image included online. The video mentions all the exercises we’ve undertaken to date and I don’t know to what you’re referring. The only thing you’ve shown thus far is in the Quick Tips.

  7. Jack Runnels says:

    If I had seen the download booklet this would not have been a big deal need more info about the booklet and where to access it

  8. Jack Runnels says:

    I agree with Marcus you need some lines on screen. To show what you are talking about stave lines versus tab lines Plus some tab to show where the notes you are talking about in relation to tablature lines.

  9. Grant Thiele says:

    yep, diagrams are absolutely required here…. you explanation is good but I already know what stave and tab look like. If I were an absolute beginner, I’d need to SEE it as well as HEAR it.

  10. Robin Haynes says:

    Andy, in the video, you talk about going back and tabbing out all the previous exercises. Did I miss something? I haven’t seen any exercises that we’ve played up to this point.

  11. Marcus Hunt says:

    Okay…..In the video you mention tab and in the written commentary you mention staves but neither of these are illustrated anywhere so how does a beginner visualise tab? You need to illustrate Tab and the musical stave so the student knows what you’re on about.

    Next, you say that you have tabbed out all the previous exercises and to go back over the exercises using the tablature…..errrr…..what previous exercises??? So far we’ve only covered “Guitar Basics” and have not performed any musical exercises other than strumming muted strings. There is something very wrong here, perhaps this particular section is in the wrong place and needs moving?

  12. Anthony Gable says:

    This is where I run into problems. I need to study and be aware WITHOUT looking at the strings. I wind up stroking 1 at a time and I can’t figure out what it is supposed to sound like.

    • Andy says:

      A little practice every day and you’ll find that your fingers slowly start to get in the correct position without even looking at them.

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