4.4 Working With Backing Tracks

Andy | August 26, 2015 | 15 Comments

Backing tracks and why we use them

Backing Tracks will help you feel like you are in the driving seat and make you work harder and keep up your motivational levels high as you will want to succeed in playing the part you are learning. Plus they’re great for developing your rhythm and timing.

So what is a backing track?

• The essential elements and musical parts of the song and

• A recorded musical accompaniment, especially one for a soloist to play or sing along with.

We have, of course, one for every song and riff we will teach you!

In addition, the backing track

• Provides an excellent practice medium

• Helps you remember the parts as you can associate the track with what you are learning

• Helps your timing

• Prepares you to play with others

• Gives you the confidence to play alone

Andy will demonstrate one of our backing tracks for you so you can get a feel for what you will be encountering. It will really open your eyes to what you can really achieve – this is one video lesson you really have to watch!

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  1. Larry Doran says:

    A couple of video examples of you actually playing with backing tracks, one very basic, one more advanced to show the where you’re taking them might be very motivational.

  2. Yves Jalbert says:

    Hello Andy, Yes I agree with Richard,Jack and Ronnie as a beginner we need to be more involve may be like Richard wrote; after every topics lets do a little practice together, may be it sound childes, but it will be more fun, and it will keep the interest high for us beginners….Thanks.

  3. Ronnie Holderfield says:

    I agree with Jack and Richard, there needs to be a good time with this course. Not just the way to play, but how to play it.Timing and phrasing are very important. And I think that the students are still suffering from soreness of the fingers. It may be too early for any playing the songs with backing tracks.

  4. Jack Runnels says:

    nice good stuff
    Agree with Richard need a little more instruction added to get the beginner more involved small video clips on timing and keeping time would be nice also short clip on working with backing tracks might be included for beginners.

  5. Brian Armstrong says:

    I have found it very difficult to find backing tracks for beginers so this will be a great asset .

  6. Marcus Hunt says:

    Backing tracks are a great idea, i wish I’d had them when I learned to play.

  7. john picker says:

    just a quick note on items like this with reference to presenting key points as bullet points. Why not use a powerpoint ipresent type approach to liven things up a bit and give the wow factor a bit more interactive

  8. Richard McKay says:

    This is a way general comment, but WE STILL HAVEN’T PLAYED ANYTHING! It would be nice to have even the tiniest little playing exercise accompanying most of the topics. I’m not sure how long the participants attention span can hold out.

    In general, there should be some doing along with all the talking.

    Example: Holding the plectrum – Now lets play a few notes to get the feel of it. We’ll start with the high E…

    Example: Tuning – Let’s play a few notes to see if we’re in tune.

    Get them involved.

  9. Tommy Copeland says:

    Backing Tracks are ESSENTIAL for timing and learning how to play with a band and other players.

  10. Matt Bell says:

    Hi Andy,I like the look of your new course, I find it’s a great way to learn timing & phrasing by playing along with backing tracks, but do have trouble finding the right key.

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