4.5 Picking Open Strings

Andy | August 26, 2015 | 12 Comments


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  1. Larry Doran says:

    I love the multiple views you provide in your videos. The student can replay them over and over to study whichever part they’re struggling with, left hand or right.

    You might mention that the pick actually moves AWAY from the body of the guitar. If they think a downstroke means stroking down (toward the body), they’ll be hitting the next string. I doubt they’d misconstrue that for upstrokes.

    You are the expert here, Andy. So please accept these suggestions as just what the button below implies; COMMENTS.

  2. Ronnie Holderfield says:

    This is a great exercise for beginners, but you can’t get the students who are still having sore fingers to put their fingers on the strings in order to make a chord.So, this is the best way to keep their attention. Playing open strings is a good approach.

  3. Gary Stout says:

    4.5 Picking Open Strings (E-Book): “quality not quantity – stay in control” Might want to state “quality and not speed or quantity” since quantity by itself may not make sense to a beginner.

  4. Jack Runnels says:

    This is a 6 week guitar plan where are we at at this point day 1, day 2? week one?

  5. Jack Runnels says:

    Ok finally getting to where we are playing something still basics though.
    covered a lot of basics but allot for the beginner to digest. Need more playing.
    My first lesson I got instruction in the parts of the guitar, strings, tuning and notes and how to play those notes. don’t remember taking this long to get to this point playing notes.

  6. Mario Pearson says:

    Hi Andy,

    The tuning of your guitar seems half tone of normal tuning (i.e Eb, Ab, etc.)!!
    Is that right?

    thank you



  7. Richard McKay says:

    The student should say or sing the string names when playing them.

  8. Robin Haynes says:

    I was interested that you say you like to anchor your hand on the bridge (without damping the strings, of course). Is it to early at this stage to mention that the timbre or tone you produce changes depending on how far from the bridge you pick? Moving toward the neck will produce a mellower, fuller sound.

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