4.6 String Skipping

Andy | August 26, 2015 | 19 Comments

Open string picking exercises – String Skipping

You are now going to pick open strings that are not adjacent to each other; this is known as string skipping. This will help to develop your picking hand accuracy and dexterity, which will increase your confidence and therefore assist with the challenge of co ordinating your right and left hands.

Confidence in your picking hand will allow you to concentrate on your fretting.

See the Study Book for your Exercises

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  1. Pamela Schmeckpeper says:

    well, glad it wasn’t me out of tune! 🙂 I like these short exercises a lot. Great for short attention spans or people who are confused. I’ve been learning for 8 months but this is the first I have seen picking set out at this basic a level. Hitting the right strings is one of my weak areas; I expect these drills will help me build some muscle memory in the right hand. It would help to have the notes posted below the video To give some context.

  2. Ronnie Holderfield says:

    Hey Andy, this is the first time that I’ve seen anything about a study guide and it should have been at the beginning of this course. And what are you tuned to Andy? I’m tuned to standard and I’m about 1 up to whatever your tuned to. I’m sure that the students of the beginner course would be asking themselves if they are tune. May want to tell us to tune your guitar.

  3. Jack Runnels says:

    Lso a more clear link to the down load for the guide would help

  4. Jack Runnels says:

    ok I missed something somewhere this is the first I have seen anything about the downloadable study guide.
    More reference to the study guide should have been included in the earlier lessons

  5. ann johnson says:

    love your teaching. in this one maybe you say the notes you are picking and say up / down

  6. Grant Thiele says:

    I really think you should be in standard tuning…. As a beginner I’d be really frustrated and probably confused by the different sound of your guitar compared to mine…. maybe you can “pitch shift” the video to bring it back into “concert pitch” (although you may start to sound like a chipmunk. 🙂 )

  7. Martha Weller says:

    I also noticed you were out of tune. Other than that, I’ve found the content and pacing excellent. I am a semi beginner. I was learning guitar and developed a problem in a finger joint on my left (fretting) hand. So for the past year, I’ve been learning the ukulele. I felt it was time to try the guitar again and your materials and the other volumes to come should be a big help. That said, I am a nylon string, finger-picking player. It is good to learn to hold the pick, though.

  8. Richard McKay says:

    You sound out of tune on this one. Not sure why.

    You might want to include some additional drills as bonus material for each section.

  9. Peter McNeill says:

    As requested: On 4.6 String Skipping you say its time to use upstrokes but on the tab it states “play many times using downstrokes”.

  10. Marcus Hunt says:

    I just grabbed my guitar and played along to this exercise. It is tuned to standard 440 using an electronic tuner. BUT my guitar sounds nothing like yours Andy. For me, this isn’t a problem but it might be confusing for a beginner if his/her instrument doesn’t sound the same as yours. I don’t know how you tuned your guitar or to what pitch but it might be worth making sure that both you and the student are tuned the same to avoid any confusion. Just a suggestion.

    I find firmer picks much easier to handle on picking techniques than softer ones. For example when playing the riff for Justin Hayward’s “Forever Autumn” I always mess up for some reason using a softer/thinner pick; 1mm or over and there’s no problem but much under that and I find the control goes.

  11. Anthony Gable says:

    This was a great exercise… I used a firmer pick. I wrote down the pattern…followed the written pattern and I’m still trying to memorise the pattern without looking. I will move to the next step AFTER I can do this by feel…NOT sight !

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