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5.0 REM. The One I Love

Right so we’ve now got some basic skills under our belt, we’re ready for our first song.

As you progress with the song, do bear in mind that some parts of learning this are going to seem hard and some easier. The thing is that sometimes you can struggle with say just a single chord for several days before you finally get it. The point is that you will get there, so don’t be discouraged. You just need to spend a little time every day following the practice template I gave you in Section 1.

Remember it’s a balance of learning and just having fun.

I’ve structured the lessons here so you can start by learning melody lines and then get into the rhythm. This approach will ensure you can have some fun just playing a few notes along with our backing tracks and then build up to the song structure, chords and strumming.

5.1  Introduction

5.2  Song Structure

5.3  Song Intro

5.4  Song Melody, Verse

5.5  Song Melody, Chorus

5.6  Your First Chords

5.7  Song Chord Sequences

5.8  Strumming Patterns

5.9  Playing The Full Song


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