5.1 The One I Love

Andy | August 28, 2015 | 9 Comments

It’s now time to learn your first song – The One I Love by REM.

Listen to Andy play some of the chords and parts of the melody line over our backing track, to give you a flavor of what you are going to learn.

Apart from the fact it is a great song, we have chosen this because it consists of 4 great beginner chords (Em, D, C and G) and has a simple structure making it easy to teach as we can easily break the song down into its component parts.

The song speed is 130 beats per minute (Andy will demonstrate what is meant by this) and we will be using a metronome, slowed down from this speed, to ensure you master the melody line and chords in style. So, let’s get started!

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  1. john robertson says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on this course
    I actually feel like I am learning
    thank you

  2. Mario Pearson says:

    Hi Andy,

    There is a mistake lyric verse 2, third line.
    It should be ”Another prob’ instead of ‘Simple prob’.


  3. jeff hawkins says:

    Did i miss you tuning down?

    • Andy says:

      Hi Jeff, this is an error and we’ll be reshooting a few videos that were accidentally tuned down a semitone – and i’ll be kicking the person who’s been messing with my tuning pedal!!

  4. Larry Thompson says:

    I really like this breakdown with the three cameras synced. Makes it so easy to focus on right hand or left hand during repeat viewings.

  5. Anthony Gable says:

    This is Great !!! I’m actually able to keep up with EVERYTHING so far !!!

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