8.0 Resources

Andy | September 1, 2015 | 4 Comments

8.0 Resources


8. 1 Downloads

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  1. Bruce Finley says:

    Damn Andy, I found the link that takes me to the resource material. Unfortunately it is located below this comment box and I only accidentally discovered it. “8.1 Tab and Downloads” takes me to a menu of choices all of which except one are functional and the material is excellent. The last link to backing track “Twist and Shout” only loops back to the link itself. There is no backing track.

  2. Bruce Finley says:

    The only active link in the list “8.0 Resources” is the first 8.0 Resources. The second 8.0 Resources and 8.1 Downloads are not active. When I select the first 8.0 Resources it only returns me to the front page. There are no resources available in Unit 8.

  3. Robin Haynes says:

    There is no 8.2, despite the fact that it’s listed in the graphic above.

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