8.1 Tab & Downloads

Andy | September 1, 2015 | 16 Comments

Here are the Downloads for your offline practice sessions:

The Full Course Guide

Your Practice Planner

The Tab & Chord Charts

The One I Love Backing Track

Knocking On Heaven’s Door Backing Track

Twist & Shout Backing Track


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  1. Andy says:

    The full set of downloads are now available using the links above.

  2. Graham Harper says:

    I can’t see any tab files in section 8.1.. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • Andy says:

      Hi Graham, you’ll find the Tab is in the Course Guide download ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Graham Harper says:

        Sorry Andy, still can’t find tabs for first song. Also a lot of the videos that I have tried to watch spend a lot of time buffering. The course promises much and I am quite excited by it but so far it has been frustrating. I have downloaded the course guide, three times, but there it says that all tabs etc. are available on members website.I keep going rounds in circles but no tab for first song has raised its head so far. What an I doing wrong?

        • Andy says:

          Hi Graham, the Tab supplied is for the picking exercises, the melody lines for the 2 songs and the Beatles riff. You’ll find this in Section 8 Downloads. With regards to the videos, these are all running from YouTube, so any buffering is likely to be due to high internet activity rather than the videos themselves.

  3. Saul Applebaum says:

    I bought the Riffs for the special price of $9.95 and not beginner course.
    Unless I read something wrong I thought I was buying the last day special for all the volumes listed and backing tracks with Andy teaching the songs.
    I also owned magazines in the past that were under my old email that has since gone to the void. I paid money for them as I did for this offer and if you search my old email of navapple1@tds.net you will find them. If you can send everything to sulapplebaum@comcast.net and I will have everything I paid for and I would like to submit for a new subscription for Coach magazine.


    Saul Applebaum
    206 Woodlawn Dr
    St Marys Ga. 31558

  4. William Flottmann says:

    Downloaded the backing tracks but couldn’t access the chord charts or tabs…I can unzip if I could access

  5. Rog Voyce says:

    Hi Andy, good course but maybe some chord charts and diagrams might help.

  6. William Ogilvie says:

    Hi Andy,
    Course looks well laid out, perhaps chord diagram with finger number in the text below for each cord you are using as when first starting guitar it is not so easy to remember where each finger goes and how to finger chords. I take it the Chord Charts and Tabs will be available for download once course released? I think this course will really help beginners to learn to love the guitar as we do and hopefully develop and become musicians who can pass on their skills. As I say looks really good.


  7. Barry Hoffman says:

    Hi Andy. I think that your beginner guitar course will help everyone who is willing to put in the time to become a good guitarist. Keep up the good work!

  8. Anthony Gable says:

    Unfortunately….I cannot open zip files..You may want to consider having them available as single tracks. I was able to download Knockin on Heavan’s door which ironicly I am learning as we speak. or type ,,,,or whatever lol

    • Andy says:

      To open Zip files (compressed files) you need a free utility. Most computers have them already installed. But if not then for PC’s you can use ‘WinZip’ and for Macs you can use ‘Stuffit’. You can always email me and I’ll send this directly to you. Andy

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