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An Introduction To Ear Training

What is ear training, and how can it help you improve musically?

Well, for many centuries now, musicians have been fascinated with this wonderful aspect of the human ear and its capability to help anyone play instruments skillfully, gain a deeper grasp of any kind of music being played, and better appreciate music. 

Have you seen people who are so talented that all they need to do is listen to a music track once, and can then instantly play the same tune on the piano? Or how about musicians who can play without any sort of ?crutch? like tablatures, musical notations, or chord charts? These people are truly impressive and worth watching whenever they perform. Do you know what the key to their splendid musical prowess is? You guessed it—a well-developed musical ear! 

Ear training, in short, is the ongoing process of developing the musical sensitivity, awareness, and sharpness of your auditory senses. When you develop this ?ear for music?, you will see how vital an asset and advantage it is toward reaching a high level of musical proficiency. 

Just think about it. The next time you hear a jazz tune on the radio, you will no longer feel inadequate. You will no longer think, ?I can’t do those chords,? or ?I just can’t decipher the notes on that one.? Instead, when you develop your musical ear, you will have more confidence and you’ll enjoy music more. 

Easy Ear Training, have put together a free manual which covers the different aspects of ear training.

You will know what ear training is and what it is not. You will learn specific techniques and tactics that professional ear-based musicians and singers use. To give you a more complete arsenal of ear training secrets, the eBook will reveal a number of ear-training methods. Plus, you’ll gain a detailed overview of recommended drills and ear training activities which will ensure that you develop your musical skills in as little time as possible! 


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