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Hybrid Picking, Part 2: Sixteenths

Roy Fulton's Custom Guitar

Roy Fulton's Custom Guitar Having previously looked at practicing hybrid picking using triplets

… this time we’re going to focus on similar exercises using a four-note pattern (but still over three strings) in sixteenths.


Take four QUARTER notes and divide each of them into a group of four.

A Set of 4 Quarter Notes

We end up with:

How to Count Sixteenth Notes

The new pattern will be as follows:

While playing the D, G and B strings, concentrate on the following pattern order:


Pick – Middle Finger – Pick – Ring Finger

   D                G                    D                B


While playing the A, D and G strings, concentrate on the following pattern order:


Pick – Middle Finger – Pick – Ring Finger

   A                D               A              G


Video 1 – Examples played at 60bpm

Video 2 – Examples played at 90bpm

Video 3 – Examples played at 130bpm

Spend some time on Ex1 to perfect the hybrid picking pattern.

Make sure this feels comfortable before moving on to the remaining examples.

Hybrid Picking Sixteenths, Example 1

HPS Example 2

HPS Example 3

HPS Example 4

HPS Example 5

HPS Example 6

HPS Example 7


  1. Work through the tab at a relaxed tempo that suits your ability and never be tempted to rush.
  2. Take your time and concentrate on perfecting one lick before moving on to the next one.
  3. While watching the videos (and using the tab for reference), concentrate on the picking patterns.


Although at times, practicing this way can feel regimented and quite restrictive, with a bit of effort, these will start to feel natural and fall into place.

The patterns are predictable and repetitive, but therein lies their strength. They are an excellent foundation to build upon and will ultimately give you the freedom and ability to use the hybrid picking technique in a way that’s free-flowing and musical.


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