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Hybrid Picking, Part 3: Practice Licks

Roy Fulton in a Dragon Shirt

Roy Fulton in a Dragon ShirtNow that you’ve learned the basics of hybrid picking and had a chance to advance your skills

… here are five ‘country-style’ licks that incorporate hybrid picking. Having said that, don’t be afraid to experiment with these, as the licks could as easily be woven into other styles of music.

Initially, spend some time becoming familiar with the notes on the fretboard and deciding which fingers you want to use. A good starting point would be to use the fingering from the video examples.

Then spend some time concentrating on the suggested fingering for your right hand. (This is shown below each of the tab examples.)

Work slowly through the examples and devote plenty of time to developing the co-ordination between your hands. The previous articles on this style will stand you in good stead in this matter.

Speed Is the By-Product of Practice …

… so focus on practicing slowly but often and the fluency will come through time. Always work at a pace that suits your ability and never attempt to rush the process. Patience and practice, lots of practice, is the key! Good luck.

Tabs are available below the videos.

Video 1 – Licks played slow

Video 2 – Licks played at 130BPM

Tab Index

/   Slide Up
  Slide Down
h   Hammer On
p   Pull Off

Hybrid Picking Index
p – pick   m – middle finger   a – ring finger

Hybrid Picking Part 3 Example 1

HBP3 Ex2

HBP3 Ex3

HBP3 Ex4

HBP3 Ex5

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