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Roy Fulton
Roy Fulton

Triplet Finger Exercises for Guitar

Roy Fulton, Guitarist with a Pink Beard

One method of improving your playing is to take simple finger exercises and spend some time focusing on building up strength and independence in the digits. For this selection of exercises we are going to use the notes of the C major scale.

This will make the exercises more practical and musical.

C Major Scale Tab

C Major Scale Notes

To make it even more interesting we are going to play all of the exercises in triplets (i.e. groups of three).

1 2 3    1 2 3    1 2 3    1 2 3

The two finger combinations we’ll be using are:

1 2 4    &    1 3 4    (1 being the index finger etc.)

One Finger, One Fret

To make sure all four fingers get a good workout, assign one finger to one fret, i.e., regardless of the strings, stick to the following:

  • 1st finger plays all of the notes on the 5th fret
  • 2nd finger plays all of the notes on the 6th fret
  • 3rd finger plays all of the notes on the 7th fret
  • 4th finger plays all of the notes on the 8th fret

Part 1 shows all the exercises played at 90bpm.

Part 2 shows all the exercises played at 130bpm.


Triplet Finger Exercises 1 through 3
Exercises 4 through 6
Exercises 7 through 9Exercises 10 and 11


This is a great workout that will develop playing ability in all four digits. Take your time with these and concentrate on the notes sounding accurate, clear and even. Remember these exercises are to build up your finger strength and independence, and not speed. Start off at a reduced tempo and slowly work it up over time. Enjoy!


Roy Fulton

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