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5.1 Introduction

You are now nearly ready to play through the whole song, but there is one final piece of the jigsaw to slot into place – lead guitar improvisation over the outro.

This will take the place of the instrumentation on the original recording where the guitar plays the same chords and riffs that appear on the intro.

The videos will briefly revisit the scale (Eminor pentatonic) and notes to be used and demonstrate some suggested techniques and licks that you could incorporate. Once you have watched Andy’s demo, it’s over to you to have a jam yourself, followed by a play through of the whole song, which will prove to yourself (and others) that you have now mastered the song and stamped it with your own identity

Quick Tips
Try to vary the riffs that Andy shows you by changing the timing and speed of how they are played, or play them in a different order. Better still, just use them as ideas.
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