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5.2 Training

Training Session 1

This is an improvisation session using the Eminor pentatonic scale to give you a flavour of what you should be aiming to achieve. There will also be an overview of the key elements to contemplate whilst you are playing, including the use of target notes.

Quick Tips
When listening to the solo, tap out the timing with your foot to help you understand where each of the segments starts.

Training Session 2

Andy will now give you some riff ideas that you get your creative juices going before you dive into improvising over the outro. These riffs were made up on the spot to avoid providing you with anything too prescriptive; otherwise it will become a “paste and copy exercise.” This is not all about replicating anything, more allowing you to think ahead about the type of improvisation you will be attempting to play – having said that, these riffs are tabbed to provide you with as much pre-improvisation knowledge as possible.

Quick Tips
Think about how you could use the riffs by playing the same notes, but putting a different emphasis on them in terms of the order they are played and for how long. You may even want to try out a repeating riff.

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