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Helpless. Wishbone Ash

Pickup ‘n’ Play:

In this weekly series of videos I want to share with you some awe-inspiring, non time-consuming riffs, melodic exercises and quirky takes on famous guitar parts, that will make you want to pick your guitar, cement your skills, and increase your thirst and desire to learn more!


Helpless (Wishbone Ash)

A take on one of the great riffs from this song, played in 2 different positions on the neck, it sounds great on either acoustic or electric.

It uses the notes from the E minor pentatonic scale, but to help you improve your fretboard mastery, Andy will show demonstrate the riff in 2 different positions on the neck. One way using open notes….. and one….not. The latter being slightly more challenging. Either way, the uplifting melody will make sure you have a blast with it.

Helpless Tab

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