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Lose Yourself. Eminem

Pickup ‘n’ Play:

In this weekly series of videos I want to share with you some awe-inspiring, non time-consuming riffs, melodic exercises and quirky takes on famous guitar parts, that will make you want to pick your guitar, cement your skills, and increase your thirst and desire to learn more!


Lose Yourself Eminem Riff

This so cool to play. You only use two strings and just use the 5th, 7th and 8th frets to create this riff. (No open strings here). The simple iconic melody will improve your ability to play double stops, dampen the strings you don’t want to hit, and also incorporate a great rhythmic feel vis a vis the original. After a couple of “pick-up” sessions, you will have created the groove you’re looking for.

To create a bit of variety, we have also added a “connecting” piece, consisting of a 3 quick pick sequence that you can use to differentiate between the two main component parts. This is one of those parts you can choose to omit, add in occasionally, or make it more integral to the main riff. Over to you.

Lose Yourself. Eminem Tab

Lose Yourself Eminem

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