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Roadie Tuner

Following another successful Kickstart campaign, that has help fund over 2 years of research and development, June 2014 should see the shipping of the Roadie Tuner.

This piece of kit will not only wind your strings when replacing them, but also tune your guitar (or any other instrument with machine head tuning pegs) and, unbelievably, let you know when your strings need changing; a kind of built in health check if you like. (Obviously something we were unable to see in the half hour we had with the guys).

So – how does the tuner work? We didn’t really understand (all to do with audio processing algorithms – whatever that means) but from a tuning perspective, the prototype was really impressive.

The idea behind this was to make something portable and quick and easy to use (for example, when gigging, or, say, away on holiday) without the fuss of using your ear or a tuner which means relying on your own abilities to turn the tuning pegs quickly and accurately.

Similarly, it can overcome the frustrations of the beginner in getting the guitar in tune to ensure it sounds like it should and can therefore be utilised in conjunction with the learning process of how to tune.

Not only that, The Roadie Tuner can be used for pre-set alternate tunings, which can be customised further accordingly.

So what is needed to make it work? Simply download a free app, which is supports a number of devices, such as your smart phone which processes the sound and sends this to The Roadie via Bluetooth, which will tighten or loosen the strings until they are in tune.

There is also an adaptor that allows you to plug an electric or electric-acoustic guitar, directly into your mobile device, so that there is no external noise to interfere with the tuning. This eliminates all external noise. Amazing!!!!

The tuner is also light but seems pretty robust and, with all the features we’ve described above, cannot wait to give it a full video review after it is in full production and we have given it a thorough testing.

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