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Guitar Pedal Boards. By Temple Audio

Guitar Pedal boards have always presented a quandary for us. Do we go for a built in effects pedal or a rack of individual pedals that you can grow in love with and learn to love and set as you wish.

The latter is our preference, but the racks we have used to date are very clumsy and, to be honest, not very sturdy or reliable when it comes for transportation. Yes, some look superb, but they are bulky and pretty difficult to set up and dismantle. This is where Temple Boards come in.

They have developed a system that allows you to securely setup your pedals with a minimum of effort that comes with  a quick release pedal mounting system. 

Watch the video to see how it all works; suffice to say it was really impressive and will solve any problems you have with regards to setting up your effect pedals in an efficient way.

 The boards come in 3 sizes/models that can accommodate a varying amount of pedals.

We start with the T34 that retails at $289, the T259 at $259 and the T17 at $199. They come in 3 colours, Gun Metal, Vintage White and Temple Red.

This is a great invention that is too difficult to describe, so watch the video and you will understand why these pedal boards are supreme and unique.

See more information on Temple Audio here: http://templeaudio.com

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