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Innovative Guitar Straps From Bitch Straps

There were many exhibitors displaying functional, quality and wildly decorated guitar straps, but only 1, (which we could find) that will noticeably make your playing and gigging life considerably easier.

 We say this because it is fair to say that the majority of manufacturers will try to ensure comfortability to assist with the ease of playing when standing up by using quality leather and making sure the straps are of sufficient width so you neck and shoulders do not burst under the strain if playing for a long time.

 However, not only have Bitchstraps succeeded in this, but they have a patented piece of technology that, in hindsight, seems so obvious.

 Before we look at this, it is worth mentioning that the straps consist of soft, but hard-wearing leather and has been designed in such a way that they sits comfortable on the shoulder, no matter how broad (or not) you are. These straps are at the high end of the market but definitely less expensive than others that use high quality leather. In this case, one piece of very flexible top grain leather that follows the contours of your shoulder. It also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee (for example excluding damage by fire or being chewed by your pet dog).

 Andy used his for his first gig after NAMM and, although happy with his current strap, could not believe the way the weight of his guitar seemed to be so evenly distributed – very important for a fella of his age!!!!!

 Now on to the technology – although the video will show this in more detail. Essentially, adjusting the length of your strap to accommodate different standing positions, different guitars or even people who want to borrow your strap,  has always been an issue as, invariably, you will need to reach over your shoulder, pull one bit, pull another, see if it fits and, if not, repeat the process over again. Sometimes, if you are not particularly gifted with your hands (excluding playing the guitar of course) it may involve taking off the strap altogether.

 The Bitchstrap has resolved this with a simple mechanism that works very similarly to an airplane belt in that you just pull the loose end to shorten it and separating the rings and rolling it in the opposite direction to shorten it. It can be executed with one hand as can adding some of the add-ons you can purchase that attach to the strap to hold your, slides, capos and harmonicas.

 All the straps and accessories are available in black, brown and burgundy and the straps themselves vary in price from $65 to $85 dollars – a price we believe is worth paying.

Good effort guys – great product.

 Check out Bitchstraps:

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