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Toneville Amps

Whilst at the Bitchstraps stand we noticed a really cool looking amp from ToneVille and asked to hear what it sounded like………….basically preparing for the worst.

So the initial judgement was based on its looks – a beautiful solid wood cabinet coupled with maple front and back with walnut sides. Looking good but sounding great???? Well….yes.

The demo we were provided with made us sit up and listen.  On the clean tone it sounded very bright, but not too “squeaky” that had the brightness of a Strat-type sound but somehow sounded fuller.

When the amp was cranked up somewhat, the overdrive had a great tube quality, yet retained its freshness without relying on sheer power to overcome any shortcomings. It is definitely different from most other amps we heard at NAMM so would recommend a try out if you are in the Colorado Springs area…………..

The video will explain all.

 Check out ToneVille here

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