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3.2 Core Training

OK I’ve now got some more licks for you. These are a little more complex to execute in terms of skills and techniques.

You can download this video if you wish using the link below:

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But the point here is to look at different ways to approach the licks, in terms of timing, phrasing and repetition, and also how you can use the same licks numerous times yet give them a different feel.

Quick Tips
Remember: If you find these licks too challenging at this point in your journey, then no problem just play around with a few notes within them. Also string bending is a skill that really takes time to master and you need to develop your ear training to know when you’ve bent the string far enough to hit the next note in the scale. That’s why were just looking at the one bend initially to get you started!


eminor-pentatonic-lick-7 eminor-pentatonic-lick-8

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