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3.3 Practice

So now it’s time to get some practice in. Now this is where you’ll start to experience both the highs and lows of improvisation.

You can download this video if you wish using the link below:

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What I mean is that sometimes your improvisation sessions will come easily and fluidly and you’ll really get into the groove. And other times it just doesn’t seem to work. I think often this has to do with your mood and state of mind. So try and relax and just enjoy it. And don’t get too frustrated if it’s not great this time – it probably will be next time!

Quick Tips
Remember: Once you’ve got these licks firmly in your muscle memory, you can start to bring in one or two licks from week 2 and see if you can find a simple way of connecting them. The easiest way is through the target “E” notes!


eminor-pentatonic-lick-7 eminor-pentatonic-lick-8

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