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Easy Guitar Songs. What are your favourites?

We’ve compiled a list of our reader’s Top 10 Easy Guitar Songs so now you can vote on which you’d like us to teach. Take the survey now. Once you’ve completed the simple survey, you’ll be redirected to the survey results page and our list of easy guitar songs we’ve already recorded for you!

Easy Guitar Songs. Vote for your top 10.

Plus you can also share your suggestions, by entering them in the Comments box below.

Now when we say ‘easy’, they don’t need to be super beginner level songs, but ideally they’re songs which can be played primarily using open chords if possible.

So let us have your thoughts and suggestions of easy guitar songs, either that you’ve enjoyed learning or would like to learn to play – the choice is yours. We really look forward to seeing what you come up with! Simply take the survey or enter your thoughts and ideas in the Comment box below.

Click here to take the survey

Once you complete the survey, you’ll automatically be redirected to the results page and have access to the songs we’ve already recorded for you.

So far we have the following waiting for you:

Tequila Sunrise by The Eagles:

As soon as you here the opening chord, you will know you are listening to Tequila Sunrise. The distinctive melody is creating by playing a G chord and hammering on to the E note (the second fret of the D string to create a chord called G6) and, although something very simple, it somehow manages to create a distinctiveness all of its own. It’s probably the rhythm pattern, combined with the smooth textural sound that creates this – genius song writing

Lola by The Kinks:

Lola is probably the most challenging of these 5 beginner songs we are bringing two, in that it involves open chords, barre chords, at least 3 different strumming patterns, chords and a constant change of feel regarding the way you need to tackle different segments of the track.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison:

Simple chords and strumming patterns mean Brown Eyed Girl is a must for all beginners, and is all the more appetising because of the sing-a-long chorus. A few beers, campfire burning and willing joiners to “your” tune. What is there not to like?

Lyin Eyes by The Eagles:

Lyin Eyes is a challenge to your muscle memory in that you will be playing 2 “G” chords (Major and Major 7th) and need to remember in which order they are played. The length of the verses also vary, so it’ll be more important than ever to know the song 2inside out” in terms of its structure.

Imagine by John Lennon

This iconic piano-based classic should form part of everyone’s guitar repertoire. Written and sung by John Lennon, Imagine was the best selling single of his solo career.

More to follow really soon.

Easy Guitar Songs

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  1. Joe Scott says:

    Johnny Cash you are my sunshine please

  2. Gerald Hayes says:

    Sunday Morning Comming Down Kris Christopherson
    Cinnamon Girl Neil Young
    Suzanne Leonard Cohen

  3. Tom says:

    Four Day Creep & I Don’t Need No Doctor – Humble Pie

  4. Kevin Tase says:

    La Grange- ZZ Top
    Melissa- Allman Brothers
    One Way Out- Allman Brothers
    Tush- ZZ Top
    Baby What you want me to do- Hot Tuna version
    Blue Skies- Allman Brothers
    Statesboro Blues- Allman Brothers

  5. ajt says:

    a few instrumentals for us non singers would be good

  6. michael shannon says:

    ..barely breathing…duncan sheik

  7. Paul Pickering says:

    Some Aussie Rock’n’Roll all of these songs that I’ve played at a gig have gone over well.
    Evie Part 1 – Stevie Wright
    Boys Light up – Australian Crawl
    On My Mind – Powderfinger
    Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool (Great Riff)
    Run To Paradise – Choirboys
    What’s My Scene – Hoodoo Gurus
    Don’t Change – INXS
    Bow River – Cold Chisel
    Paul Kelly – Dumb Things
    The Sunny Boys – Alone With You
    Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl
    Baby Animals – One Word

  8. Mombajuice says:

    Twist and Shout
    La Bamba
    ( The I , IV , V train…)

  9. Joe Couture says:

    Bridge Of Sighs – Robin Trower
    Day Of The Eagle – Robin Trower
    Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh
    Life In The Fast Lane – Joe Walsh
    I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor – 10cc
    From The Beginning – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    Like An Inca – Neal Young
    Goodbye Norma Jean – Elton John
    anything from “Dark Side Of The Moon” – Pink Floyd
    What Am I Gonna Do With The Rest Of My Life – Merle Haggard
    Climbin’ The Ladder – Isley Brothers
    Blue Wind – Jeff Beck
    People Get Ready – Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart
    Rough Boy – ZZ Top
    Nationwide – ZZ Top
    Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster
    Today Is The Day – Lincoln Brewster
    Love God, Love People – Israel Houghton
    Lord You Are Good – Israel Houghton

  10. Iain says:

    One U2
    Ventura Highway, America
    Maggie May, Rod Stewart

  11. Ben Vernon says:

    Sitting on the dock of bay By Otas Redding.

  12. Mario Pearson says:

    One -U2
    Wonderful tonight-eric Clapton
    I saw her standing there- The Beatles
    Space Oditty- David Bowie
    That’ll be the day-Buddy Holly
    California Dreaming- The Mamas andt the Papas

  13. Andy B says:

    Blowin’ Free – Wishbone Ash
    Come up and see me (Make me Smile) – Cockney Rebel
    Down Down – Status Quo
    Live a Hurricane – Neil Young
    Get Where I belong – Free
    Soon I will be gone – Free
    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

  14. Barry Campbell says:

    Sister golden hair America,Who’ll stop the rain,Proud Mary CCR A Day in the Life, When I’m 64 The Beatles and Another Day Sir Paul McCartney

  15. Mike says:

    get it together-youngbloods

  16. ademills says:

    Mellow out with “wish you were here” Pink Floyd

  17. Charles Wilson says:

    Creedence Clear water Revival – Up Around the Bend

  18. Andy says:

    Some Candy Talking by the Jesus and Mary Chain.

  19. Vernon says:

    WALK RIGHT IN…Number one in 1963….

  20. Stephen G says:

    Try and catch the wind. Donavon. Desolation row. Bob Dylan. Ghost riders in the sky. Johnny Cash.

  21. Dave K. says:

    Take it easy – Eagles
    And I love her – beatles
    YOur’e gonna lose that girl – beatles
    for you blue – beatles
    good night – the beatles

  22. Andy says:

    Laid by James classic and easy to play

  23. 1StevieMac says:

    After The Gold Rush – Neil Young?
    Helter Skelter – The Beatles
    Wishing Well – Free

  24. Frank says:

    Any Road ( George Harrison )
    Harvest Moon ( Neil Young )
    Man We Was Lonely ( Paul McCartney )
    Rock and Roll is King ( ELO )
    I Drove All Night ( Roy Orbison )

  25. Jimmy R. says:

    Eric Clapton’s, How Long Blues

  26. Steve says:

    How about Claudie by Status Quo

  27. Fred says:

    Alice’s Restaurant Arlo Guthrie

  28. Keith B says:

    Freebird (intro) – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  29. Kutlay says:

    Tearsb in Haeven – Eric Clapton

  30. Kutlay says:

    Tears in haeven Eric clapton

  31. Michael, Ireland says:

    Here comes the sun – Beatles
    Ventura Higheay – America
    Candy – Paulo Nutini
    Luca – Suzanne Vega

  32. Paul says:

    I’d love anything by R.E.M really but particularly Half a World Away or What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

  33. Dusty Relic says:

    Lotta good songs have been listed here. This is one we do that really gets them going:
    Bachman Turner Overdrive “Takin Care Of Business”

  34. Steve Swaisland says:

    A good old school Bryan Adams hit Eighteen Till I Die.

  35. Steve P says:

    “Little Suzie” by Tesla
    “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by the Rolling Stones
    “More Than A Feeling” by Boston

  36. I’m just a Singer in A Rock and Roll Band—Moody Blues
    Secret Agent Man–Johnny Rivers
    Forever Autumn–Justin Hayward

  37. Grim Reaper says:

    ‘Ring of Fire’ – Johnny Cash and The T3
    ‘Act Naturally’ – Buck Owens and The Buckaroos
    ‘Mama Tried’ – Merle Haggard and The Strangers
    ‘You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)’ – Hank Williams
    ‘Eight Days A Week’ – The Beatles
    ‘The Last Time’ – The Rolling Stones
    ‘No Sugar Tonight’ – The Guess Who
    ‘Crumblin’ Down’ – John Mellencamp
    ‘Driver’s Seat’ – Sniff N The Tears
    ‘Knock Three Times’ – Tony Orlando & Dawn
    ‘Flowers On The Wall’ – Statler Brothers
    ‘That’s Alright Mama’ – Elvis Presley
    ‘Rumble’ – Link Wray & His Raymen
    ‘American Pie’ – Don McLean
    ‘Jammin’ Me’ – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
    ‘Fortunate Son’ – CCR
    ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ – Poison
    ‘Highway to Hell’ – AC/DC
    ‘Scarecrow’ – Pink Floyd
    ‘Atlantis’ – Donovan
    ‘Peggy Sue’ – Buddy Holly & The Crickets
    ‘Maggie May’ – Rod Stewart
    ‘Gloria’ – Them
    ‘What’s Up’ – 4 Young Blondes
    ‘Cherry Cherry’ – Neil Diamond
    ‘Heart of Gold’ – Neil Young
    ‘Teach Your Children’ – CSN
    ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’ – Peter, Paul & Mary
    ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ – Harry Chapin
    ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest’ – Cat Stevens
    ‘All I Wanna Do’ – Cheryl Crow
    ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ – Van Morrison
    ‘Brown Eyed Handsome Man’ – Chuck Berry/Waylon Jennings
    ‘Only Wanna Be With You’ – Hootie & The Blowfish
    ‘Bird Dog’ – Everly Brothers

  38. RON RICE says:


  39. Paddy C says:

    Little by Little Tedachi/Trucks band
    Crazy Dreams intro Aslan
    Messing with the kid Rory Gallagher

  40. John Bouchard says:

    Back home again. by John Denver [2nd part]

  41. Troy Morey says:

    Poems, Prayers, and Promises

  42. GARY says:


  43. GARY says:


  44. Michael Blase says:

    Knock on Wood

  45. Ian says:

    Eagles Lyin Eyes,Bad Moon Rising CCR

  46. larry says:

    what about some of the old guitar songs like Raunchy or anyhting by Dwayne Eddy?

  47. Phil says:

    Some Aussie ideas…
    Any of the popular Angels songs (Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, Take A Long Line, City Out Of Control) – really good pub rock.
    The Church – Unguarded Moment

  48. William Alley Sr says:

    This might sound crazy but I would like to learn a guitar version of the Star Wars theme music, I love John Williams stuff he is an excellent composer! The Star Trek theme music would be interesting to learn too!

  49. Phil M says:

    Has anyone mentioned Mustang Sally yet?

  50. Jim Anderton says:

    Susie Q

  51. dan robbs says:

    well first I ever learned was house of the rising sun (animals ) yeah I am that old

  52. Lynton J says:

    Alright now by Free
    Arnold Lane by Pink Floyd

  53. Jim says:

    1 wonderful tonight, 2 I walk the line, 3 Best of my love, 4 Dust in the wind, 5 you really got me

  54. steve spencer says:

    smoke on the water by deep purple classic riff that one
    born to be wild by steppenwolf
    get down and get with it by slade
    bad to the bone by george thorogood and the destroyers
    friday on my mind by the easy beats
    she’s so fine by the easy beats
    we can’t be beaten by rose tattoo
    scarred for life also by rose tattoo
    sharp dressed man by zz top
    working class man by jimmy barnes
    it’s a long way to the top by ac/dc
    turn up your radio by masters apprentices
    walk this way by aerosmith
    can’t get no satisfaction by the rolling stones
    good loving gone bad by bad company
    roll over beethoven by chuck berry
    down down by status Quo
    fortunate son by creedence clearwater revival
    rock&roll part 1&2 by gary glitter

  55. Diane Easterday says:

    Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh
    Satisfaction – Stones
    Anything by America
    Montego Bay – Bobby Bloom

  56. Robin says:

    Blue Skies by Irving Berlin – hit recording by Willie Nelson

  57. steve spencer says:

    rocky mountain way by joe walsh from the eagles
    what i like about you, not sure of the band 1 hit wonder, i think but awesome song !

  58. steve spencer says:

    good song but i think you should add rocky mountain way by joe walsh from the eagles that’s got an awesome riff i think

  59. Larry smith says:

    Lover lover ,, Sonia Dada

  60. Bluesman55 says:

    Taj Mahal version of: You’re got to love her with a feeling
    John Fogerty – Old man down the road

  61. Barry Noble says:

    anything by
    Wishbone Ash
    Eddie Cochran
    T Rex
    Ten Years After
    Rory Gallagher
    Roy Buchanan
    or acoustic by John Denver
    Bob Dylan

  62. GARY says:


  63. Alex Barrand says:

    Desperado , Ramble on , Hard Rain , Carry on my wayward son.

  64. Ron Boddy says:

    What’s Up 4 Non Blondes. 3 chords, 2 minutes, 1 song

  65. David Johnson says:

    When you say nothing at all – “C” shapes, capo 3 (“Eb”) – great to practice leads

  66. Steve says:

    The coolest rock song ever – Sweet Jane.

  67. Clinton says:

    how about Mississippi queen (mountain)

  68. Ian Gillies says:

    Eagles – Take It Easy & Peaceful Easy Feeling
    Dylan – Knocking On Heavens Door
    Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
    Summertime Blues
    or any Buddy Holly

  69. Rick says:

    Old Time Rock and Roll

  70. Lee Morgan says:

    Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Ian Hunter
    Ah Leah by Donnie Iris

  71. thomas Walters says:

    Bark at the Moon- Ozzy/Jake E. Lee

    I Don’t Know- Ozzy/ Randy Rhoads

  72. Bob Malin says:

    Hey Andy;
    How About…. ” GIVE A LITTLE BIT” by SUPERTRAMP,.. “ONCE BITTEN,TWICE SHY” by GREAT WHITE, “AH,LEAH” by DONNIE IRIS, And,”SWEET JANE” by The LATE,GREAT,LOU REED ,To Name A FEW. I can play most of these BY EAR,BUT,Have NEVER Seen Them Transcribed,THAT Would be AWESOME!
    THANK YOU ANDY,Can’t wait to see if any of mine MADE IT !

  73. david says:

    anything by joe walsh

    • Schmidty says:

      Yeah yeah, When asked for xsuggestions from online (YouTube) teachers I always request this particular Joe Walsh tune(Garden Gate) and nobody ever responds. It can’t be that difficult, yet it seems to intimidate people. I believe it may be in an open tuning but like I said, no info or help from anybody in the online community. Not even Andy!

  74. Schmidty says:

    Garden Gate by Joe Walsh. Acoustic number from “James Gang Rides Again” album.

  75. Ben Verson says:

    Down by the Water – The Decemberists
    I Shot the Sheriff – Eric Clapton
    Runaway – Del Shannon

  76. Denis says:

    In my gigs “Oh Boy” buy Buddy Holly always goes down a storm

  77. Geoff Hyde says:

    I found Heartbreak Hotel fairly easy to learn

  78. David Kincaid says:

    Some really great selections listed but I would like to learn Dead Flowers and Sweet Virginia by the Stones and Stuck In The Middle With You.

  79. Bill Perry says:


  80. Barry Ottey says:

    Cheeseburger In Paradise
    A Pirate Looks At 40
    Changes In Latitude, Changes in Attitude
    Come Monday

    — all by Jimmy Buffett

  81. Knockin on Heavens Door – Dylan
    Locomotive Breath – Jethro Tull
    All Right Now – Free
    Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
    Tequila Sunrise – Eagles
    Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

  82. Ian Calvert says:

    no ones said Mull of Kintyre yet !

  83. Ed says:

    Dead Flowers, Norwegian Wood

  84. Rob says:

    Arms of Mary, how sweet it is, brothers in arms , Indian wedding by Roy Orbison .

  85. julien says:

    Knocking on Heavens Door
    Hotel California
    Sylvia’s Mother
    Cover of the Rolling Stones
    Tulsa Time

  86. Ernesto Guerra says:

    I’d like to learn a classic by etta james. “At last”
    Or something from muddy waters

  87. Big Mental Davy says:

    How about Candy by Paolo Nutini or Just like heaven by the Cure or the classic Whiskey in the Jar.

  88. John says:

    Eagles, Peaceful easy feeling. Thx

  89. Sprout says:

    Hotel California
    Samba pati ” santana”
    La Parisienne ” Garry moore”
    Wisky in the barro

  90. Dave says:

    I think people would appreciate some acoustic versions of stones classics such as jumpin jack flash and satisfaction. Also Simon and Garfunkel songs like Cecilia, homeward bound, and mrs robinson (none too taxing on the chord front)

  91. Tim Session says:

    America – Horse With No Name or anything by America
    Pure Prarie League – Aimee
    Dylan – Knocking on Heaven’s Door

  92. John Grierson says:

    The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
    Wish You Were Here
    Hotel California

  93. David Wilson says:

    Already doing stuck in the middle and Bad moon rising.
    How about Rock’n me baby by Steve Miller band. The Rembrandts. Friends theme. Twisting the night away by Sam Cooke.

  94. Ed B says:

    Take it easy – The Eagles

    More than a feeling – Boston

  95. Mark says:

    Badge by Cream
    Anything easy by Steely Dan
    Chuck E by Rickie Lee Jones
    Moon dance by Can Morrison
    Who do you love George Thorogood
    Anything easy by John Martyn, my all time favorite folk/jazz/blues artist
    Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
    All along the watch tower Hendrix version
    Hotel California The Wagles

  96. Brother Lindsey says:

    Brain Stew by Green Day. Any Way You Want It by Journey

  97. Don says:

    Used to do unplugged night at a local watering hole.
    The following easy tunes got attention:
    Dead Flowers
    I’m Your Captain
    Darkness Darkness
    Free Fallin

  98. jon futeran says:

    1.Crossroads – Robert Johnson(I like the John Mayer version)
    2.I shot the sheriff – Bob Marley
    3.Woman across the water–Freddy King
    4.American woman– The Guess Who
    5.Dock of the bay-Otis Redding
    6.Sunshine of your love-Cream

  99. John Percy says:

    Harry Niilson’s Coconut (Put the lime in the…)

  100. Jim says:

    Gary Moore – Still got the blues
    Mark Knopfler – Going home
    Willie Nelson – Crazy
    Roy Orbison – California blue
    Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb

  101. Kenny Alexander says:

    Here’s four I’ve been dying to learn!

    Solitary Man : Neil Diamond
    Horse With No Name : America
    Rainy Day : America
    Face the Fire : Dan Fogelberg

  102. Rick Goodman says:

    Stuck in The Middle is a great one, packed the dance floor every time we played it.
    Other good ones are Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Eyed Girl.

  103. Nigel Hunt says:

    House of the Rising Sun – Animals
    Come On – Rolling Stones
    Streets of London – Ralph McTell
    Susie Q – CCR
    Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran
    Look forward to seeing what you choose.

  104. Harry says:

    Bad Moon Rising – CCR
    Ripple – Grateful Dead
    Lucky Man – ELP
    The Letter – The Boxtops
    American Girl – Tom Petty

  105. G W Johnson says:

    Have you seen the rain- Creedence
    Can’t stop falling in love-Elvis
    Stand by me- Ben E King

  106. Paul says:

    Leo Sayer – The Show Must Go On

  107. nels erickson says:

    easier songs to play
    Wild Thing
    Louie Louie
    Lonely Boy- Black Keys
    Tulsa Time
    Pontoon-Little Big Town

  108. Koni McPhearson says:

    How about The Boys Are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy) and American Woman (either Guess Who or Lenny Kravitz version)

  109. Paul says:

    America: Horse With No Name

    Strawbs: Lay Down or Part of the Union

  110. Dan says:

    The beginning of “Oh Doctor”…by the Stones.

  111. paul murphy says:

    Tom Petty : Running down a dream

  112. Rick says:

    Friends in Low places

  113. Simon Herdson says:

    Something by Bruce Springsteen please…

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