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Easy Guitar Songs. What are your favourites?

We’ve compiled a list of our reader’s Top 10 Easy Guitar Songs so now you can vote on which you’d like us to teach. Take the survey now. Once you’ve completed the simple survey, you’ll be redirected to the survey results page and our list of easy guitar songs we’ve already recorded for you!

Easy Guitar Songs. Vote for your top 10.

Plus you can also share your suggestions, by entering them in the Comments box below.

Now when we say ‘easy’, they don’t need to be super beginner level songs, but ideally they’re songs which can be played primarily using open chords if possible.

So let us have your thoughts and suggestions of easy guitar songs, either that you’ve enjoyed learning or would like to learn to play – the choice is yours. We really look forward to seeing what you come up with! Simply take the survey or enter your thoughts and ideas in the Comment box below.

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Once you complete the survey, you’ll automatically be redirected to the results page and have access to the songs we’ve already recorded for you.

So far we have the following waiting for you:

Tequila Sunrise by The Eagles:

As soon as you here the opening chord, you will know you are listening to Tequila Sunrise. The distinctive melody is creating by playing a G chord and hammering on to the E note (the second fret of the D string to create a chord called G6) and, although something very simple, it somehow manages to create a distinctiveness all of its own. It’s probably the rhythm pattern, combined with the smooth textural sound that creates this – genius song writing

Lola by The Kinks:

Lola is probably the most challenging of these 5 beginner songs we are bringing two, in that it involves open chords, barre chords, at least 3 different strumming patterns, chords and a constant change of feel regarding the way you need to tackle different segments of the track.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison:

Simple chords and strumming patterns mean Brown Eyed Girl is a must for all beginners, and is all the more appetising because of the sing-a-long chorus. A few beers, campfire burning and willing joiners to “your” tune. What is there not to like?

Lyin Eyes by The Eagles:

Lyin Eyes is a challenge to your muscle memory in that you will be playing 2 “G” chords (Major and Major 7th) and need to remember in which order they are played. The length of the verses also vary, so it’ll be more important than ever to know the song 2inside out” in terms of its structure.

Imagine by John Lennon

This iconic piano-based classic should form part of everyone’s guitar repertoire. Written and sung by John Lennon, Imagine was the best selling single of his solo career.

More to follow really soon.

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