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Author: andy partridge

Metal Allegience

METAL ALLEGIANCE TO BRING THEIR MUSICAL CRUSADE TO THE HOUSE OF BLUES IN ANAHEIM ON JANUARY 21st, 2015 All-Star Lineup Consisting Of Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, Chuck Billy, Chris Broderick, [...]
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Strumming Songs

Strumming Songs: Mr. Jones by The Counting Crows, The Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer and More Than A Feeling by Boston have 3 distinctive must know strumming patterns; each one completely different and deliberately picked [...]
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Scott Holiday. Rival Sons.

With a strong combination of hard work, relentless touring, strong singing and playing and memorable material, California’s Rival Sons are keeping the hard rock fires burning brightly, and thankfully so. The Sons are currently touring Europe, promoting their latest [...]
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My First Guitar

Andy Partridge shares some thoughts about the first guitar he ever bought, as well as some great anecdotes from some professionals within the business. Almost everyone remembers the first guitar they bought, in much [...]
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Beginner Guitar Chords

Many people learn guitar because they want to sing songs or accompany someone else singing. To do this you don’t have to read music nor a huge amount of technique. Beginner Guitar Chords. [...]
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Toneville Amps

Whilst at the Bitchstraps stand we noticed a really cool looking amp from ToneVille and asked to hear what it sounded like………….basically preparing for the worst. So the initial judgement [...]
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